I finally have 2 weeks off.

After asking for holiday – I’ve finally got it. Hopefully the next few weeks I can contribute more to my own site. I know no one reads this but it’ll be a “journal” so to speak about my interest.

I operate a few things behind this website, such as a twitter account and another website – however they too are both dead. Hopefully, this will be better if I continuously post here. Might have to change up my recent posts however, considering how much of it, should be viewable but they are all thumbnails. *sigh*. I’ve also got to many games to complete too lol – it all comes together.

Enjoy the rubbish I have to post.

More Halo

So, I went back into Halo and decided it deserved some more screenshots of “Before” and “After” – You’ll notice a lot of it is related to collision errors, as the NEW game follows the old engine. So, you see an open wound, you shoot, it gets blocked, the fuck? Yeah, new engine has it blocked because the old one is a wall. You’ll notice it.

Anyway, till my next post – someday I most post about why Pam from “The Office US” is the most awful person in the TV show and Jim deserves better.

This game has “No Content”

If you’re an avid World of Warcraft player and complain about the recent 6 month + new free mount as “in-game shop content” you’re an idiot.

Let me explain why

£52.146×2 (12)£104.28
Simple table explanation for dummies.

So let me just explain, that £19 you’re so scared of spending, literally could be saved if you pay for 6 months instead of continuously paying a monthly fee.

In more detail,
You pay £9.99 a month which in total per year, will cost you £119.88. The mount alone will cost you £19 exactly. So that already is costing you £123.98 for the year (if you bought just that single mount).

If you decided to buy six months, you’d pay £52.14 and got the mount for free, because even if you decided too buy 12 months at the 6 month rate, it’d only cost you £104.28. (£52.14 x 2)

So when you look at it, the total arranged cost of this supposedly “in-game shop content” is literally saving you £19 because had you paid per month and the mount it’d cost you a whopping (£119.88 + £19) £138.88.

So had you bought, 6 months, twice, you’d of got the mount free and saved yourself £34.60.

So, to ease this out
You pay £9.99 and buy the mount at £19. The end of year costs you £138.88.
You pay £52.14 for 6 months, get the mount for free, you’d of only spent £52.14.
Had you paid for 2 x 6 months, that’d cost you £104.28 for the year (12 months).

You understand why this isn’t in-game shop content? You literally, save money buying this mount and it’s literally free and you’ve saved yourself a ton of money, (£138.88£104.28 = £34.60)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

I’ve surprisingly surprised just how well 343 Industries has adapted the game to the PC from the Xbox Version and kept us in a nostalgia state with just a simple key!

Thankfully to them, with just a simple press of the TAB key on the keyboard, we are invited from the original Xbox Version and to the collections remastered edition of Halo Collections Edition.

Below are some screenshots for you too enjoy 🙂

Here, if you’re interested in purchasing the 5-for-1 game, you can expect just what you’ll get. Make sure you pay attention however to the old graphics because, I’ve often found that rocks collisions are still in the recreations, the developers have practically kept the old-games details, but made it prettier, however not altered the games collisions. This has caused small-issues like, walls/rocks or terrain getting in the way. I would recommend, if it was your first time playing the game you’d play it on the Xbox Version then, complete the game later on a harder difficulty using the Collections Version.

I hope you enjoy!