Applying for work.

Granted any employee or “manager” who has to deal with this stuff has to suffer through hundreds upon thousands of potential employees to recruit, but, if you give me a 30 minute window before my application “times out” or a 30 minute questionnaire that is dynamically made to change and to be completed in 30 minutes (Lidl) then I don’t except what you want for me. If you’re looking for superheroes you’re looking in the wrong place and certainly thousands upon hundreds of people who are actually looking for work, even though not “written” down on paper is actually capable more than what you think.

I could take into note what I experience in my previous job where, 3 managers ended up having to be transferred because they were so shit at their job that, those who they hired or employed couldn’t do anything better than those how were given the task temporary , did a better job but where not even considered to take the role then the role when it was available.

LotRO users shocked

That about 16 people said on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and possibly Facebook – who cares, saying that they won’t be playing the Legendary Servers of LotRO when they go on-line, only to find out that a queue of possibly 4000 users were trying to all connect at the same time making it clearly apparent that more than 16 people use the internet at any given time.

If you don’t know already, there is clearly 7.7 Billion People and only approximately 4000 users connected to a game that was released back in 2007. Even the player base should know that this would be the case due to the popularity of their “Live” servers, which is possibly even greatly smaller. 

Increase of Price

Before I left my job working for a retail centre in the middle of town, 5.6 Miles away from me, it really didn’t cost me that much to get there. However, 4 years later, the price has increase almost 200% for a return ticket. A return ticket being, you purchase to travel to your destination and the ticket is valid for you to take the same bus or a bus on the same route to your area for no extra cost.

So before I had a place of work, I was a student in the town centre and wasn’t greeted with “discount” to travel like they offer now, so I ended up having to pay the full “Adult” price into the town centre. It costed me, £4.20 a return trip. Some days, I would get a ride into town and it’d cost me, only a small fee of £2.60 for a single back home. Until the prices started to raise in cost without any information or publication, (this was before Twitter was popularly used by businesses).

So whilst I had left college successfully, I was then looking for work and got my place a job in a retail placement for 3-4 years before it became hazarded to my health. Whereas, it’d only cost someone who worked my hours £24 a week to enter the town centre, I was saving quiet a bit due to my hours being given to me, when I was on the contract I was given almost 40 hours a week even though I was contract 12-15 hours a week.

Anyway, I’ve started a new job, and it’s 2.6 miles from where I live, do you know how much it costed me to catch a bus to that location? £3.00

Due to the increase of price, from all these years, it means I would of had to pay for a single from town to home, £3.60. That 60 pence gets me from 2.6 miles to 5.6 somehow, until the price is kicked back up. Well, I’m getting sick of the price increases, because, I could reach my destination quicker, for no price at all (other than purchasing a bicycle or borrowing a electric scooter) that I should do that to save money, pay benefit to my health, get there quicker whilst the roads, even at prime time, would take 30-60 minutes to reach. 

Yes, when I was working in the town centre, I had to leave an hour and a half early (what was estimated by the bus-travel service and on-line GPS traffic services was a 15 minute trip) just to reach the town centre. Thankfully, because I am now working close to my destination, I am able to cycle to the location safely, on-time and without having to pay for transport.

The destination is shorter, which means I do not have to worry about how long it’d take me to get there nor return home. Which, if you didn’t already know, it’d take me an hour to get into work and depending on what time I am able to finish, an hour or half to get home. When I get home, I have less than the “appropriate hours” given by the government to spend before my next shift. I could argue about the shift patterns but then I’d of lost my job, so I just lived with it, even if it meant I got in early, worked early, left late and didn’t get paid for ANY of those extra hours.