This game has “No Content”

If you’re an avid World of Warcraft player and complain about the recent 6 month + new free mount as “in-game shop content” you’re an idiot.

Let me explain why

£52.146×2 (12)£104.28
Simple table explanation for dummies.

So let me just explain, that £19 you’re so scared of spending, literally could be saved if you pay for 6 months instead of continuously paying a monthly fee.

In more detail,
You pay £9.99 a month which in total per year, will cost you £119.88. The mount alone will cost you £19 exactly. So that already is costing you £123.98 for the year (if you bought just that single mount).

If you decided to buy six months, you’d pay £52.14 and got the mount for free, because even if you decided too buy 12 months at the 6 month rate, it’d only cost you £104.28. (£52.14 x 2)

So when you look at it, the total arranged cost of this supposedly “in-game shop content” is literally saving you £19 because had you paid per month and the mount it’d cost you a whopping (£119.88 + £19) £138.88.

So had you bought, 6 months, twice, you’d of got the mount free and saved yourself £34.60.

So, to ease this out
You pay £9.99 and buy the mount at £19. The end of year costs you £138.88.
You pay £52.14 for 6 months, get the mount for free, you’d of only spent £52.14.
Had you paid for 2 x 6 months, that’d cost you £104.28 for the year (12 months).

You understand why this isn’t in-game shop content? You literally, save money buying this mount and it’s literally free and you’ve saved yourself a ton of money, (£138.88£104.28 = £34.60)