Author: Direkneed

  • I’m still here.

    I’ve not gone anywhere. I work too much to enjoy enough of life. I’m looking to change this. Whether you read or like it enough, I’m still here.

  • I finally have 2 weeks off.

    After asking for holiday – I’ve finally got it. Hopefully the next few weeks I can contribute more to my own site. I know no one reads this but it’ll be a “journal” so to speak about my interest. I operate a few things behind this website, such as a twitter account and another website […]

  • More Halo

    So, I went back into Halo and decided it deserved some more screenshots of “Before” and “After” – You’ll notice a lot of it is related to collision errors, as the NEW game follows the old engine. So, you see an open wound, you shoot, it gets blocked, the fuck? Yeah, new engine has it […]

  • This game has “No Content”

    If you’re an avid World of Warcraft player and complain about the recent 6 month + new free mount as “in-game shop content” you’re an idiot. Let me explain why Price Month Total £9.99 12 £119.88 £52.14 6 £52.14 £52.14 6×2 (12) £104.28 £19.00 1 £19.00 Simple table explanation for dummies. So let me just […]

  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    I’ve surprisingly surprised just how well 343 Industries has adapted the game to the PC from the Xbox Version and kept us in a nostalgia state with just a simple key! Thankfully to them, with just a simple press of the TAB key on the keyboard, we are invited from the original Xbox Version and […]