Applying for work.

Granted any employee or “manager” who has to deal with this stuff has to suffer through hundreds upon thousands of potential employees to recruit, but, if you give me a 30 minute window before my application “times out” or a 30 minute questionnaire that is dynamically made to change and to be completed in 30 minutes (Lidl) then I don’t except what you want for me. If you’re looking for superheroes you’re looking in the wrong place and certainly thousands upon hundreds of people who are actually looking for work, even though not “written” down on paper is actually capable more than what you think.

I could take into note what I experience in my previous job where, 3 managers ended up having to be transferred because they were so shit at their job that, those who they hired or employed couldn’t do anything better than those how were given the task temporary , did a better job but where not even considered to take the role then the role when it was available.